Marli and Jovi litter 2015
2 blue girls, 3 orange girls and 1 orange boy were born on 30th of September, 2015
out of CIE MultiCh Set'rRidge's Young At Heart "Marli" by BIS Latin Lover Keept The Faith "Jovi" .
Puppies unite health, character, instinct and appearance.Marlli Jovi Litter


Bridge and Alex litter 2015
4 girls and 4 boys (all blue) were born on 26th of January, 2015
out of Bridge (Princess Pride Cambridge) by our Alex (Tattersett Master Minded).
The puppies stem from 75% PURE British Tattersett lines and 25% PURE American lines.
All of the ancestors 6 generations back have wonderful HD scores. Both of the parents and most of the ancestors are also BAER tested with results BAER normal both side, same like each puppy from the litter.

Bridge and Jovi litter 2014
7 gorgeous blue puppies (5 boys and 2 girls) were born on 31st of May, 2014
out of Bridge (Princess Pride Cambridge NG) by our Jovi (BIS Latin Lover Keep The Faith). The puppies unite my two American males (Set'r Ridge's On Broadway, Latin Lover Keep The Faith) and my British female's (Tattersett Hibernica) lines.

Style and Jovi litter 2013

Our Style (JCH Set'r Ridge's English Style) gave birth to 6 gorgeous puppies (3 boys and 3 girls) on 6th of September 2013. The proud father is our Jovi (BIS Latin Lover Keep The Faith). This litter is a pure American line litter.

Hibernica litter 2012
The litter (5 bitches and 4 dogs ) out of Ch Tattersett Hibernica by Ch MultiJCh JBIS Set'r Ridge's On Broadway "Joseph" was born on 26th of July, 2012.

Marli litter 2012
The litter (3 bitches and 6 dogs) out of pure American dual lines
was born on 15th of August, 2012.

Hibernica litter 2011
The litter (2 bitches and 2 dogs ) out of Ch Tattersett Hibernica by Ch Ballykissangels "Electrode" was born on 14th of July, 2011.
Hibernica - Chester