16th of December, 2014

to all of our friends all around the world.
May this greeting find you and yours in good spirits,
ready to celebrate the gifts of peace and joy with friends and loved ones. 

Merry Xmas 2014


16th of December, 2014

got 2nd place in Group7 at the Romanian Kennel Club's Top Dog OF THE YEAR 2014 competition.
We are very happy to read this wonderful news and
so thankful to his fantastic owners, Daniel and Mariana Murarescu to make it happen.


6th of December, 2014 - Exonian Canine Association Dog Show, UK

What a wonderful news arrived today!
Baboca (Princess Pride Born To Be My Baby)
won 1st place in Graduate & BOB at Exonian Canine Association, England today.
We are so proud of her and so thankful to her fantastic family to believe in her and to make it happen!


4th of December, 2014 - Romford Canine Society, UK

Joey (Princess Pride Birmingham NG)
That's so fantastic achievement, huge congratulations to his gorgeous family!
Thank you so much for loving him so much and for everything you have been done for him!


29th and 30 th of November, 2014 - Int. Dog Shows Nitra, SK

Fidi (Princess Pride It's My Life) went
Exc1, CAJC & Best Junior in Breed at International Dog Show Nitra, Slovakia on 30th of November, 2014.
The day before on 2nd show in his life, he was also awarded excellent.
We are very proud of his achievements! Big congratulations Fidi & Alan!


29th of November, 2014 - Setter & Pointer Show, UK-

Look who I met on Saturday at Setter & Pointer Show, England?
Baboca (Princess Pride Born To Be My Baby) and her fantastic family!
Baboca is littersister to Ringo, Fidi, Rossie, Masha and Blaze.
  Baboca S&P  


21st and 22nd of November, 2014 - Club Show and Int. Dog Show in Zagreb, Croatia

We are back from Zagreb where we spent two lovely days and visited two shows.
21st of November, 2014 Club Show of Club For Pointing Dogs and Spaniels
Dream (Princess Pride Arizona): open cl. exc.1, CAC, Club Winner and BOS
Her litterbrother, Tony (Princess Pride Washington) open cl. exc.1 CAC.
22nd of November, 2014 International Dog Show - Zagreb:
Dream (Princess Pride Arizona): open class exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOS
Her litterbrother, Tony (Princess Pride Washington) open class exc.1 CAC, RCACIB!!!
We are so proud of Tony and Dream!!!


15th of November, 2014 - Princess Pride Doggy Walk

On this beautiful sunny Saturday we spent a wonderful time with Bodza (5 months old daughter of Brigde & Jovi), Fidi (14 months old son of Style & Jovi) & his family sister, Kitty the golden retriever,
Apache (27 months old son of Marli and Joseph) and their fanastic owners. Jovi of course came with us too.
We had a lovely launch in a dog friendly restaurant and then had a long walk in the surroundig nature protection area. Doggies and we all enjoyed it so much. Weather was brilliant. Thank you so much to all of you for this wonderful day. For more pictures please click any of the photos below.



26th of October, 2014 - European Dog Show

Our results at European Dog Show:
Bamie (MultiCh. Princess Pride Alabama) - open female class exc. 2, RCAC
Dream (Ch. Princess Pride Arizona) - open female class exc.3
Jovi (Latin Lover Keep The Faith) - open male class exc.
Bamie was showed at EDS after a 2,5 months long field training where she lost huge amount of coat.
Knowing this we were so happy for her wonderful achievement!
Bamie at EDS Bamie before her field training Bamie at EDS


Jovi at EDS waiting for his turn

Bamie & Dream
at EDS
Dream in the ring at EDS


20th of October, 2014

Our Dream (Princess Pride Arizona) ended her holiday in Russia today and returning home.
She was succesfully presented at Russian shows winning following titles:
4xCAC; 4xBOS; 3xBOB; 1xCACIB; 2xBIG2; 1xBIG3; CH RKF; CH RUS.
We are thankful to  Lyuba for handling Dream so perfectly and
giving her the best possible care during her stay in Russia.


19th of October, 2014

Jeanna's Tony (Princess Pride Washington) fulfilled TAN (field work ability test) today.
He found the pheasant on the field very quickly and did a wonderful point. Well done Tony Boy!


19th of October, 2014

We are happy to announce our Alex (JCH Tattersett Master Minded, BAER normal both side, HD A)
became father second time. His two daughters out of JCh. Ch. Pretty Woman Of Slow Fox were born today!
We wish them good health and a wonderful, happy life!


11th of October, 2014 - International Dog Show, Komarom

Today was a lovely family meeting at Komarom Int. Dog Show where Fidi, his parents, Jovi and Style and also his halfsister, Lyuba were entered. For Jovi's two kids, Fidi and Lyuba it was their very first show! Fidi is 13 months old and Lyuba is just over 4 months! We were very happy to welcome Yuri, Lyuba's Daddy in Hungary. We had a wonderful time together enjoyed the brilliant Indian summer - doggies had lots of fun on and around the show ground. And we also should be very proud on their fantastic show achievements too! Special congratulations goes to Alan and Fidi who stand at BOB line up at their very first show and also to Lyuba who represented the breed in minor puppy BIS! Here are our results:
Princess Pride Love Won't Wait "Lyuba": very promising 1- minor puppy class -recommended for minor puppy BIS
Princess Pride It's My Life "Fidi": exc.1 junior male class winner, HPJ
Latin Lover Keep The Faith "Jovi": exc1, open male class winner, CAC
Set'r Ridge's English Style "Style": exc1, open female class winner, CAC, CACIB and new HUNGARIAN CHAMPION

for more pictures please click on the photo above


4th of October, 2014

4th of October is the special day when the 10 weeks old Roua arrived to her final home 2 years ago.
Happy anniversary sweet girl, we are so happy to see how much you areloved.
We wish you and your fantastic mummy many many happy returns!
Please find below a small selection of the wonderful photos taken on this special day. Thank you, Andreea!

for more pictures please click on the photo above


23rd of September, 2014

Clyde & Bluebell babies (4 girls and 2 boys) were born today at Victoriaview Setters, England.
Clyde (Princess Pride Oxford NG BAER normal, BVA HD 6:4) was born in our kennel out of our Hibernica by Joseph.
Bluebell (Victoriaview Bluebell BVA HD 3:4) was bred by Victoriaview setters.
We wish good health to the 6 gorgeous babies and to their beautiful mummy!


21th of September, 2014

Today maybe it was the very last day of the summer where we visited with Josh and Lyuba their litterbrothers, Keats and Byron at their wonderful home. And also Fülöpke arrived with his lovely family.
We were so happy to meet them again after almost 2 months. Pups had a lovely time together again. What a wonderful afternoon was it. Thank you Aniko and Imre for the fantastic hospitality!!!

for more pictures please click on the photo above


13th of September, 2014 - Dracula International Dog Show, Romania

Another amazing news arrived today this time from Dracula International Dog Show, Romania. 
Lyuba's BAMIE (Princess Pride Alabama) won champion class in quality competition got
CAC and then went CACIB & BOS!!! With this result she finished Romanian Champion and
also got Qualification for Crufts 2015!!! 
Our Alex (JCH Tattersett Master Minded) is also back to the show ring after more than a year break and
he won open class with CAC and went R.CACIB.
Both Bamie and Alex were entered only to this one particular show at the Dracula weekend show series. What a day for Princess Pride English Setters! Thank you so much Lyuba, Fran and even Lorand to make it happen! 



13th of September, 2014 - Int.Dog Show, Rogaland, Norway

Amazing news brought sunshine in our life.
RINGO (Princess Pride Diamond Ring) went
best junior, best male dog, CK (champion qualification), BOB & BIG2
today at NKK/FCI International Dog Show in Rogaland, under honorable judge, Arne Foss. 
Big congratulations, what a fantastic achievement from a 12 months old boy!
Thank you so much Lina to make it happen!


8th of September, 2014

R.I.P. Polla (26.11.1998 - 08.09.2014)
You've been part of my life for almost 16 years and I know your soul will stay always next to me.


6ht of September, 2014

Happy 1st birthday Masha, Baboca, Rossie, Ringo, Fidi and Blaze!
We received wonderful new pictures from the birthday babies:


16th & 17th of August, 2014 - International Dog Shows, Alba Iuila

TEXAS (JWW'13, ROJCH, ROCH, JBIS, BIS Princess Pride Texas)
won 2 x CAC, 2 x CACIB & 2 x BOB.
With this results he fullfilled criteria for ROCH CUM LAUDAE too, being only 2 years old!
We are so thankful to Mariana and Daniel for Texas' wonderful achievements and for loving him so much!!!


17th of August, 2014 - Int. Dog Show Oslo

Today at International Dog Show in Oslo Ringo (Princess Pride Diamond Ring) entered into junior class got
EXC1, best male, CK (champion qualification), best junior and BOB with Crufts qualification!
Big congratulations from all of us! Thank you so much Lina and Ringo for this wonderful result!


10th of August, 2014 - WORLD DOG SHOW 2014 Helsinki

Our special thanks go to Lina and Lyuba for representing our kennel at WDS2014 in Finnland and
showing Ringo and Bamie and our Dream so perfectly.
We are very proud of their achievments! Thank you for keeping the flag flying! 


3rd of August, 2014 - National Dog Show, Hungary

It was a very hot and long day but the show was perfectly organized, we spent a lovely time there.
Here are our results:
Joseph: exc1, CAC and with this result he is Grand Champion Of Hungary
Style: exc1, CAC
Dream: exc1, CAC and BOS


Many thanks for the lovely pictures to Szűcs Judit Photography


31st of July, 2014

Princess Pride I Gotta Feeling "Sundance"
He is a charachterful, very clever and very sweet boy, attached very much to his human
who loves to pose for the camara. Some new pictures are avaiable in his own gallery.
His littermates' own pages are also will be published soon.
Check our Progeny page for further updates.



28th of July, 2014

We are so happy to announce that each puppy from Bridge - Jovi litter passed BAER test with flying colours!
They all have normal hearing both side!

Some puppies already left us and joint their wonderful new families. Few of them will stay longer due to the transport regulations in some countries.

We also updated puppies gallery with some new pictures.

3   2 1

27th of July, 2014 - FCI Int. Dog Show Kursk 2014 CUP

Another fantastic win for Princess Pride Alabama aka "Bamie"
now at International Dog Show «Kursk 2014 - CUP governor of Kursk region»
Bamie was awarded again CAC, CACIB & BOB! Well done sweet girl, we are very proud of you!

Bamie Kursk2014


26th of July, 2014

We would like to share some wonderful pictures received from Princess Pride English setter owners.
Please find some of them below and more in their galleries.



20th of July, 2014

I was so happy to spend a wonderful day with Matty, Rusty and their fantastic family in South England.
Please find few pictures below. Wonderful memories, thank you so much Liz and Keith!


17th of July, 2014

Victoriaview English setter puppies were born today
Clyde (Princess Pride Oxford NG of Victoriaview, BAER normal, BVA HD 6:4)
became father of 7 gorgeous puppies. at Victoriaview Setters, England.
The proud mummy is Maisy (Pewterspeare Piano Rag of Victoriaview, BAER normal, BVA HD 4:5).
Mummy and all of the babies are doing well. Big congratulations!


9th of July, 2014

Princess Pride The Way U Make Me Feel "Mr. Wayde" pictured at the age of 39 days.
His proud parents are our Bridge and our Jovi.
He showed up already his wonderful personality and it seems he has great show perspective too.



8th of July, 2014

Wonderful pictures of Matty and Rusty taken during their morning walk on the seacoast
were sent to us recently by their family. That's so beautiful place for the doggies, a real paradise.
Thank you so much Liz and Keith for these wonderful pictures!



7th of July, 2014

Jovi and Bridge puppies are already 37 days old!
They got their first vaccination, got microchipped and we started with their deworming program too.
Their Mummy, Bridge adores her kids, she enjoys the long plays with them and still feeds them,
takes care of them and wants to be almost always with them.
New pictures from the last 10 days are available now in their gallery.

2   1  


2nd of July, 2014

Today we received so beautiful picture of Lancaster taken by the professional photographer and artist, Ana Rocha. Lancaster lives a wonderful life with his family in Scotland. He looks so much alike his father Joseph not only in apperance but also charachterwise, being so sweet doggy with special personality. We are so thankful for this beautiful photograph.


23rd of June, 2014

Jovi and Bridge puppies are already 23 days old. Where has this time gone?
They love playing with eachothers, with us, with their new toys.
They already enjoy additional goat milk whilst their mummy still feeds them and takes care of them properly.
New pictures are added to their gallery.



21st and 22nd of June, 2014 - Black Sea Constanta Show Weekend

Big congratulations to following Princess Pride English Setters and their owner for the fantastic show results
from Constanta Show weekend where each day were a national and an international dog show organized.

Princess Pride Texas "Texas":
4xCAC, 2xCACIB, 4xBOB, 3xRBOG, BOG3, Crufts2015 Qual. Champion of Romania

Princess Pride Montrose "Roua":
2xCAC, CACIB, 2xBOS Champion of Romania (showed only on Sunday)

Princess Pride One Wild Night "Masha":
(showed only on Sunday)

Princess Pride Bed Of Roses "Rossie":
2xCAJC, 2xBJ, 2 x BOS, Shortlisted in JBIS, Crufts2015 Qual. Junior Champion of Romania
(showed only on Saturday)

We are so proud! Thank you so much Daniel, Mariana, Andreea and Cosmin for keeping the flag flying!
show pictures coming soon...


22nd of June, 2014 - FCI International Dog Show, Hungary

We visited Pécs International Dog Show today with
Style (JCH Set'r Ridge's English Style)

where she won open class with CAC in strong competition then she surprised us with R.CACIB title.

Style previous show was last March still in intermediate class then she was busy with her lovely puppies
born last September. So she is back into the show ring now.


17th of June, 2014

Joey (Princess Pride Birmingham) went 2nd in AV Gundog and his family sister, Lulli won 3rd in Best Veteran
at Oaklands College Companion Show. We are so happy to hear about this lovely win. Well done both!


14th of June, 2014

Jovi and Bridge puppies are already 2 weeks old. Time flyes by so fast!
They opened their eyes, trippled their weight and started to play with each others.
Their Mummy, Bridge just adore her kids. New pictures are added to their gallery.



7th of June, 2014 - NEW PICTURES

New pictures are added to the following Princess Pride English Setters' gallery.
We are so thankful to their owners' for the gorgeous photos!

Ringo   Kansas




Rossie   Fidi
Rossie   Fidi

Lancaster   Masha   Baboca







7th of June, 2014 - International Dog Show, Komárom

We took part only in one of the three shows of the Komarom Int. Dog Show weekend series. Here are our results:
Vivorka (Princess Pride Limited Edition Sir V.) open class Exc.1, CAC, CACIB
Dream (Princess Pride Arizona) intermediate class Exc.1, CAC, RCACIB


photos by Judit Szűcs


4th of June, 2014

Jovi and Bridge puppies are already 4 days old. They are growing so fast.
We added new photos into their gallery.


4th of June, 2014 - BVA HD RESULT

Wonderful news arrived today from the UK. BVA (British Veterinary Association) results proved that Tony,
who is a son of our Marli and our Joseph has healthy hips!
Tony aka Princess Pride Washington BVA HD 3:6

Tony is already the third puppy out of our Marli - Joseph litter and the 4th puppy sired by our Joseph
who was BVA hip scored with great HD result.


3rd of June, 2014 - Field & Water Training

Our American team Jovi, Joseph and his daugther, Dream took part in the special training day
in Cegléd today which included both water and main field works.
Few pictures taken by Gábor Csillik are available below and/or in their own galleries.



1st of June, 2014 - FCI International Dog Show "GRANDCAUCASUS-2014"

Princess Pride Alabama aka "Bamie"
went today at Grandcaucasus-2014 International Dog Show under honorable judge Mr. Gianni Guffanti (Italy)
We are very proud of Bamie's achievement. Thank you so much Lyuba!



1st of June, 2014 - Drammen International Dog Show, Norway

Ringo (Princess Pride Diamond Ring)
won today at Drammen Int. Dog Show under judge, Siv Sando (Norway)
Big congratulation goes to Ringo & Lina! Thank you for keeping the flag flying!



31st of May, 2014



We are so glad to announce a very special litter of 7 puppies (2 blue girls & 5 blue boys) were born on 31st of May, 2014. 

Puppies' pedigree cover 75% pure American (due to my two gorgeous American studdogs, Jovi and Joseph) and 25% pure Britsh lines (due to my fantastic Hibernica who was born in one of the best kennels in the UK). They all are great hunting dogs with excellent health profile and great show results.


All breeding stock is BAER tested and BVA hip scored. All puppies are BAER tested.


For more information please check our
litter page or contact us.



24th and 25th of May, 2014 - Double CAC Bistrita Nasaud

Amazing show weekend for Princess Pride Texas who was selected by honorable judges
both days among the ten most beautiful dogs in the show by winning



We are over the moon, Texas went Best Of Goup three times in a row!


24th of May , 2014 - Vestlandets Fuglehundklubbs Show, Norway

Big congratulations to Lina and Ringo (Princess Pride Diamond Ring)
for their fantastic results at Vestlandets Fuglehundklubbs show where 27 English setters were entered.
The young man won in puppy class Exc, Best male puppy and BOS!
We are very happy and proud!!!





20th of May, 2014 - Water work & Tracking training

Our American boys, Joseph & Jovi, grandfather and father of our upcoming litter took part
in a water work and tracking training today.
Please find few photos taken during the training by clicking on the picture below:.


16th of May, 2014

What a wonderful news arrived today again from BVA (British Veterinary Association), UK.
We got HD scores for Kansas, son of our Joseph and Marli. Please find here Kansas complete health profile:

Princess Pride Arkansas "Kansas"
Hips: BVA HD 7:5
Elbows: HD (OCD, FPC, UAP) free
BAER: normal hearing both side
Complete dentition, correct scissor bite

We are very happy and proud about this healthy and gentle boy!


10th and 11th of May, 2014 - International All Breed Shows, Timisoara

What a show weekend for Princess Pride English Setters! Just received another great news from the weekend
about fabulous wins of Texas and Rossie at Timisoara double international shows!

Rossie (Princess Pride Bed Of Roses): 2 x BPIB
Texas (Princess Pride Texas): 2 x CAC, 2 x CACIB, 2 x BEST OF BREED, BIG3 and BIG

and.... little Maria with Texas won 3rd place in junior handling both days!
Happy birthday Maria, this is a stylish way to celebrate!


11th of May, 2014 - SKPS Club Show Radosovce - Mlyn, Slovakia

We took part today in the yearly clubshow of the Slovakian Pointer & Setter Club (SKPS) where our breed judge was Mrs. Willy Duijnkerke from the Netherlands. Here are our results:
Vivorka (Princess Pride Limited Edition Sir V.): open dog exc.1, CAC SK, Best Dog & BEST OF BREED
Dream (Princess Pride Arizona): intermediate bitch exc.1, CAC SK

Unfortunately we had to leave early, could not stay till the end of the show. I would like to applogize on that way as well for our absence at BIS pogram to the organizers who did a fantastic job there. We spent a wonderful time at Radosovce - Mlyn, it was so well organized event even in the rainy weather.


4th of May, 2014 - Barrow Farm Companion Dog Show, UK

Fabulous news about amazing results arived today:
Joey (Princess Pride Birmingham)
won lst Best Sporting Dog then on to win BEST IN SHOW!
We are so proud of Joey's amazing wins and so thankful to his family to make it happen!



3rd of May , 2014 - International All Breed Show Alesund, Norway

Big congratulation to Lina and Ringo (Princess Pride Diamond Ring)
winninng Exc, Best male dog, BOB, BIG - 1 in puppy class at int. all breed show in Alesund.
What a fantastic show debut for a young boy! We are so proud and so thankful to Lina to make it happen!



26th and 27th of April, 2014 - Satu Mare National and International All Breed Shows

What a show weekend for Texas and Rossie! It was Rossie's show debut and Texas' debut in adult classes.
We are so proud of their fantastic results and we are so thankful to their fantastic family to make it happen!

Int. dog show - 27.04.2014.
Texas (Princess Pride Texas): exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
Rossie (Princess Pride Bed Of Roses): BPIB

Int. dog show - 26.04.2014. afternoon: 
Texas (Princess Pride Texas): exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG3
Rossie (Princess Pride Bed Of Roses): BPIB and she was shortlisted among the 5 best puppies in show!

Nat. dog show - 26.04.2014 morning: 
Texas (Princess Pride Texas): exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
Rossie (Princess Pride Bed Of Roses): BPIB (at nat. dog show there was no puppy BIS competition organized)



23rd of April, 2014

We are so thankful for the lovely photos we got recentley from our puppies' loving families.
Please find below some of them.

Joey (Princess Pride Birmingham)

Masha   Ringo (Princess Pride Diamond Ring)

Rusty & Matty   Lancaster


21st of April, 2014 - Szilvasvarad International All Breed Show

What a day today!
We were entered only in one show on Easter Monday under honorable breed judge, Mr. Cristian Stefanescu in Szilvasvarad international dog show series. Here are our results:

Dream (Princess Pride Arizona): CAC, CACIB and BOS
Joseph (Ch MultiJCh JBIS Set'r Ridge's On Broadway): CAC, CACIB and BOB

We spent a lovely sunny day in a wonderful place surrounded by great friends!
Thank you so much to all of you for this lovely day!



12th and 13th of April, 2014 - Bucharest National All Breed Shows

Big congratulation to Andreea and Roua (Princess Pride Montrose) for the fantastic show results from the weekend! Roua won 2 x CAC, 2 x BB and 2 x BEST OF BREED!
We all are so proud! Thank you so much for keeping the flag flying!


10th of April, 2014

I would like to share some fabulous photos taken by our puppies' owners.
What a wonderful life and wonderful families they have. I'm so pleased! Thank you so much!
Additional recent photos are available in their galleries as well.

Matty & Rusty Kansas Texas Apache


6th of April, 2014 - International All Breed Show, Belgorod

International Dog Show "Beliy Gorod-2014" in the Belgorod
Bamie aka Princess Pride Alabama CW, CAC, CACIB, BOS, Champion RKF!
What a fantastic news, we are so proud of Bamie, thank you so much Lyuba!


26th of March, 2014

Wonderful news arrived today from BVA (British Veterinary Association). HD results proved both of our young girls bred by us have excellent hips:

Bridge (Princess Pride Cambridge): BVA HD 2:5

Dream (Princess Pride Arizona): BVA HD 3:3

Both of them are Joseph's daughters, Bridge's mummy is Hibernica, Dream's mummy is our Marli.


19th of March, 2014

We are deeply devastated. Today early morning we had to say good bye to a true gentleman, to our beloved Broker at his age of 13,5 years. He was the most gentle soul I've ever met, with his extraordinary charachter he made my every day a better day. I terrible miss him and feel a big empty hole in my heart. Run free my sweet boy, you will live forever in my heart until we will meet again.

R.I.P. Int.Sh.Ch. VCh. Sh.Ch. Tattersett Stockbroker
23.08.2000 - 19.03.2014


10th of March, 2014

We are happy to announce our Alex (JCH Tattersett Master Minded, BAER normal both side, HD A)
became father at very first time today. Mother of his kids is Ch. Bargrennan Canna.
We wish them good health and a wonderful, happy life!


9th of March, 2014 - CRUFTS, Birmingham, UK

We visited Crufts this year as well. That was so wonderful to see 225 English setters entered and to meet so many friends and English setter people from all around world. Crufts 2104 was very special for me not only because of our extraordinary trip but mainly because we had the opportunity to meet Tony and Clyde there. Actually 7 kids of Joseph were entitled to be shown at Crufts 2014 (including the JWW'13 Princes Pride Texas and Joey who was expected to be showed at the dog of the year presentation on the third day) but finally four of them represented our kennel there. Unfortunately I could not enter Bridge who was expected being in season then.
But I was so proud to handle our very active, "always in move" Dream and her litterbrother, sweet soul Kansas.
I'm proud of my Americans however having a different look from the UK type Engish setters, any of them got positive comments from the judge which were mostly related to their wonderful movements, fronts and beautiful bite.



23rd of Fanuary, 2014

Princess Pride Alabama aka "Bamie"
continued her successful show carrier collecting new champion titles during the last weekend in Minsk, Belarus.
We are so proud of her and thankful to her fantastic owner to make it happen!

- judge Pozniakova Galina (Belarus): JCAC, JBOB, JCh Belarus

- judge Kornelija Butrimova (Lithuania): CAC, R.CACIB, Ch Belarus



14th of February , 2014 - FEHOVA International All Breed Show, Budapest

We took part with Dream (Princess Pride Arizona) and Babóca (Princess Pride Born to Be My Baby) at Fehova International Dog Show in Budapest only today. Babóca just enjoyed herself and I was so pleased with her show debut, got super critique from honorable breed judge, Dr. Júlia Pataki and she represented the breed at minor puppy BIS. Dream entered into intermediate class won Exc.1, CAC, CACIB & BEST OF BREED!!!
For her it was also the very first show in Hungary and the 3rd show in her life.
What an amazing day was today.



7th of February , 2014 - International All Breed Show, Eindhoven

Big congratulations on Tony (Princess Pride Washington) who won BEST OF BREED
today at Eindhoven International Dog Show from junior class!
He fulfilled criteria for Dutch Junior Champion title as well.
We are very proud of him and so thankful to his fantastic owner, Jeanna and her family to make it happen! 

Here is a lovely photo of Tony with his friends taken in Eindhoven after the show.
What beautiful, colourful jumpers they all have. They were made by Apple Tree Farm , South Wales, UK.


25th of January, 2014

We are so proud of Princess Pride Alabama aka "Bamie"who started the year with fantastic show results winning BOS under honorable USA judge in a strong competition and obtaining new champions titles at the age of 17 months.

English setter SPECIALITY

judge: Giuseppe Colombo Manfroni (Italy)
Class Winner, candidat in Champion NCES Russia!

Sabaneeva memorial dog show 2014

judge: Clay Coady (USA)
She is new Champion Russia and Champion RKF!!!



25th of January, 2014

Progeny site is updated
Style and Jovi kids' own pages are ready and added to the 'Progeny' site:


23rd of December, 2013