23rd of December, 2013




22nd of December, 2013

(JCH Set'r Ridge's English Style X BIS Latin Lover Keep The Faith)
Blaze's page is ready! Click on the link above. His littermates' own page will be published soon!



21st of December, 2013 - Regional Dog Show "Rozhdesvenskie Vstrechi-2013"

At the regional dog show she became CW, CAC, BOB, BIG-1!
Big congratulations! This is the way to go Bamie!

Bamie with Lyuba had a very successful 2013 they won many titles incl. CH, JCH, BOBs, BOGs and
she was even placed as BIS4. We are very proud of Bamie's fantastic show results,
and so thankful to her fantastic owner Lyuba to make it happen!


14th and 15th of December, 2013 - AMSTERDAM WINNER and UKRAINE SHOWS

What a weekend! We are so proud of Bamie's & Tony's show results!
They are littermates, daughter and son of our Marli & Joseph!

became Champion of Ukraine at the International Dog Shows "Kievskaya Rus - 2013" and "Cristal Cup of Ukraine - 2013" by winning 2 x CAC, 2 x CACIB & BOB!!!



at Amsterdam Winner Shows won AMSTERDAM JUNIOR WINNER 2013 title, 2 x Exc1 & Junior Class Winners and RCC and Crufts 2014 Qualification!!! 


Thank you so much to their fantastic owners, Lyuba and Jeanna for these wonderful news, to keep our flag flying!!!! Thank you for loving Bamie and Tony so much!!!!


14th of December, 2013 - Pheasant hunting

What a fabulous day we had with Vivorka, Hibernica, Joseph and Jovi.
We all took part in pheasant hunting today, it was amazing to see how brilliantly they worked.
They all are experienced hunting dogs who do their job with full enthusiasm.


5th of December, 2013 - Texas in training in Serbia

PRINCESS PRIDE TEXAS took part in 10 days long field training sessions in Serbia
with his owner, Mariana (Kennel Hunting Trophy). Texas did a fantastic job there!
We received amazing photos about his field work, please find them below:


Texas is son of our Marli and our Joseph. We are very proud of him. Texas proved he is a real Dual English Setter showing excellent performance on field work, in the show ring and being a fantastic family member.
Texas biggest achievement in 2013 was the JUNIOR WORLD WINNER 2013 title and BEST JUNIOR IN BREED at WDS being the youngest one in the big junior male class at the age of 9 months and 3 days old. Then he continued to his fantastic show career by winning many titles incl. JCH, Crufts 2014 Qualification, BOBs, BOGs, JBIS and BIS as well.
We are so thankful to his fantastic owners to make it happen and for loving Texas so much!


3rd of December, 2013 - Pheasant hunting

Today Joseph and his daughter, Dream took part in pheasant hunting. It was Dream's very first real hunting day. Joseph did fantastic job as usual. Dream following her father's example showed nice performance.
For more photos click on the picture below.



2nd of December, 2013

won PUPPY DOG OF THE YEAR at Roding Ringcraft Club.
Then after competing with adult dog of the year and veteran dog of the year he came first as


Thank you so much Maureen and Roger for this fantastic news and for loving Joey so much!!!


1st of December, 2013 - Pheasant hunting

Today Joseph and Hibernica took part in pheasant hunting. That was a successful day.
They both did fantastic job as usual. It is about two experienced hunting dogs.
For more pictures just click on the below photo.


30th of November, 2013 - Pheasant and hare hunting

Hunting day again!!! We took part with Vivorka, Bridge and Jovi at pheasant and hare hunting today.
All of them did so fantastic work, especially Vivorka who found and retrieved many shot pheasants and during hare hunting his performance was just great with brilliant retrieve of big sized hurted hare. It was Bridge's very first real hunting day where she proved her great intincts and skills with many nice pointings in a very attractive style. Her stanima was just unique. Jovi did many nice pointings and retrievings as well. We all very happy at the end of the successful day.


26th of November, 2013

She had a lovely day with special birthday menu she enjoyed it so much.

This is my favourite photo of her, where she was pictured at the age of 10 years.
It shows how she is in the real life. A real personality, and always naughty girl!


23rd of November, 2013 - National Dog Show Lipetsk, Russia

Princess Pride Alabama "Bamie went CAC, BOS, BOB, BIG1 today!
What a fantastic show result again from this 15 months old young girl who made her debut in adult classes today.
Thank you so much Lyuba for this wonderful news!



22nd of November, 2013 - Club Championship Show, Zagreb, Croatia

Our special boy, Princess Pride Limited Edition Sir V. "Vivorka" won the open class with exc1 and CAC
in Zagreb at Club Championship Show organized by the Club For Pointing Dogs and Spaniels
under honorable judge, Alenka Pokorn.
We are so thankful to Kennel Fairysett for the proper handling and taking care of our young boy.


21st of November, 2013 - Pheasant hunting

We took part in the season's very first pheasant hunting with Kansas, Joseph and Jovi.
Our boys did a fantastic job, all were very tired at the end of the day.
There were only 6 dogs in total to help the hunters' work.


1st of November, 2013

Style and Jovi puppies are 8 weeks old today.
They all passed hearing test with flying colours on 30th of October, 2013.
For available puppies please check the litter page.


26th and 27th of October, 2013 - International Dog Shows Craiova

What a good news we got about Princess Pride Montrose aka Roua. She took part at double show with fantastic results:
Saturday: Excellent 1, CAJC, Best Junior, BOB and 4th place in Group.
Sunday: Excellent 1, CAJC, Best Junior, BOB and 3rd place in Group.
She also fulfilled criteria of the Romanian Junior Champion title.
We are very proud of her. Thank you so much, Andreea!


22nd of October, 2013

We received wonderful photos of Apache, what a wonderful life he has.


19th and 20th of October, 2013 - International Dog Shows Komarom, Hungary

What a fantastic weekend we had!
Both Kansas (Princess Pride Arkansas) and his half-sister, Bridge (Princess Pride Cambridge)
got qualified for Crufts 2014.
Bridge surprised us with further wonderful success:
after winning junior female class went Best Junior In Breed and BOS on Saturday! 
Kansas fulfilled all criteria for Hungarian Junior Champion titles during the weekend shows!


9th of October, 2013

Lancaster's gallery is updated with the latest most cutest photos taken by her fantastic owner, Julie.


5th of October, 2013 - National Field Trial, Hungary

Dream and Kansas took part again a field trial event today. We all enjoyed this day so much.
We are so thankful to Ivan Redey for the lovely photos.


4th of October, 2013

4th of October is the special day when Roua arrived to her final home last year. She was 3 months old then full of mischief. The 1 year jubilee of her arrival was celebrated with wonderful photo sessions. Please find below a small selection of photos where you can see the 15 months old big girl.


1st of October, 2013

Joey came first in Best Gundog at Snodland Companion Dog Show. Thank you so much Maureen and Roger for this lovely photo and to give so wonderful home for Joey.


29th of September, 2013 - National Dog Show Kursk, Russia

Wonderful news arrived from Russia, National Dog Show Kursk:
Bamie (Princess Pride Alabama) won junCAC, BOS, BOB & res.BIG!
Thank you so much Lyuba & Bamie for keeping the flag flying!



28th and 29th of September, 2013 - National Field Trial, Hungary

Dream and Kansas took part in their very first field trial during the weekend.
Here are some lovely photos by Piros Acs.



21st of September, 2013 - What an amazing show day!

Our Jovi, father of our current litter won the intermediate class, got CAC and BOB at national all breed show "CAC OMEK" in Hungary. Big thanks to Éva Stájer for helping us with our special boy's handling!

In the evening we got some more great news:
Roua (Princess Pride Montrose) went Best Junior In Breed and BOB
at national all breed show "CAC Campulung" in Romania. 
His litterbrother, Joey (Princess Pride Birmingham) went first in Best Gundog and BEST IN SHOW
at Working Dogs Trials Society Companion Show in the UK. 
We are so happy about all those wonderful news, and extremly thankful to Roua's and Joey's family for these great achievements!


14th of September, 2013 - Club Show of All Pointing Breeds, Romania

JWW'13 JCH Princess Pride Texas went BEST IN SHOW today at Club Show of All Pointing Breeds in Romania!
He won the junior class, went Best Junior In Breed, BOB, won JUNIOR BEST IN SHOW and finally BEST IN SHOW!
What a wonderful achievment from a 13 months old boy! We are very proud of Texas and thankful to his wonderful owners at Kennel Hunting Trophy!


9th of September, 2013

Can't be thankful enough for those fantastic photos we received recently from Matty's & Rusty's wonderful family. What a beautiful life they have!



7th of September, 2013 - International Dog Show Romania

Under honorable judge, Mr. V. Kardos from Hungary
Marli (C.I.E. MultiCH Set'r Ridge's Young At Heart)
won the champion class went CACIB and BOB and became Romanian Champion.
Her daugther, Dream (Princess Pride Arizona) won the junior class and went Best Junior in Breed.
Both of them got qualified for Crufts 2014.


6th of September, 2013

We proudly announce our new pure American line litter (3 boys & 3 girls) by our Jovi & Style
were born today. For more information please check our litter page.

Style and Jovi

BIS Latin Lover Keep The Faith


JCh. Set'r Ridge's English Style


1st of September, 2013

NESS "English Setter in the Sun Photo Competition"
We are so happy as a lovely picture of our beloved Rusty taken by myself during our regular walk
was awarded 2nd place at Northern English Setter Society "English Setter in the Sun Photo Competition".
As 2nd prize we got a beautiful silk lead from NESS which arrived via post recently. Thank you so much!



23rd of August, 2013

SHCH TATTERSETT STOCKBROKER, our very special old gentleman celebrated his 13th birthday today.
We feel so lucky to share our life with this gorgeous charming boy.
Special thanks and big compliment to his breeders, Fran and Tony Grimsdell!


22nd of August, 2013

We received so wonderful photos of PRINCESS PRIDE MICHIGAN "APACHE"
who looks to be very fond of swimming and retrieving.
We are so thankful to his owner, Laszlo for the beautiful photos and for loving our boy so much!



17th and 18th of August, 2013 - nat. and int. dog shows Alba Iulia

PRINCESS PRIDE TEXAS had a fantastic show weekend at Alba Iulia nat. and int. all breed shows.
He won at national all breed show entered into junior class: EXC1, CACJ, BJ, BD, BOB & BIG1 
and with his young friend, Maria they won 3rd place in junior handling.
He was awarded at international all breed show entered into junior class: EXC1, CACJ, BJ, BD & BOB. 
He fulfilled all criteria for Romanian Junior Champion title as well.
Big thanks to his owners, Mariana and Daniel Murarescu, Kennel Hunting Trophy
for these fantastic results of our 1 year old young boy!


15th of August, 2013




9th of August, 2013

We got wonderful pictures of Apache (Princess Pride Michigan) and Lancaster (Princess Pride Lancaster).
Please check their galleries to see all of the latest photos taken about them.


3rd of August, 2013

Dream (Princess Pride Arizona) & Kansas (Princess Pride Arkansas) 
- daugher & son of Marli and Joseph -
passed their hunting exam (VAV) and got their official hunting licence today.

Picture of them were taken by Judit Szűcs during a training day in July, 2013.


28th of July, 2013 - International Dog Show Kursk, Russia

We got wonderful news again from Lyuba about Bamie aka Princess Pride Alabama who won Best Junior in Breed at all breed international dog show and with this results she became JUNIOR CHAMPION OF RUSSIA!
Thank you so much Lyuba & Bamie for all those fantastic show results and keeping the flag flying!


26th of July, 2013




20th of July, 2013 -National Dog Show Tula, Russia

What a fantastic news from today about Bamie (Princess Pride Alabama):
just over the age of 11 months she won
Best Junior in breed, BEST OF BREED, BEST OF GROUP and BEST IN SHOW 4th place
at national dog show Tula, Russia.
This is way to go Bamie! We all are so proud of you, girls! Thank you so much Lyuba!

1   3  

14th of July, 2013 - Little Joey won Best Puppy

Another great news on Little Joey (Princess Pride Birmingham) who won Best Puppy
and also came 3rd in Best Sporting Dog at companion show today.
We are very proud of his results and glad he had so great time with his family at the show.


14th of July, 2013 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY

We wish very happy 2nd birthday to Vivorka and Skye, first kids by our Ch. Tattersett Hibernica.
Vivorka celebrated this very special day with her Mummy.


1st of July, 2013

New photos by Judit Szűcs
We updated with wonderful new pictures taken by the great photgrapher, Judit Szűcs
albums of Dream, Tony, Bridge and Alex. Please find here selection of the photo sessions,
more are availabe at their albums.






24th of June, 2013 - Joey won Best Junior

We are so pleased to receive great news about Joey (Princess Pride Birmingham) who won Best Junior at companion show and another entry for dog of the year - as he has already won Best Puppy earlier. Well done sweet boy!
Huge congratulations to Joey and his family for the great wins.


16th of June, 2013 - National Dog Show Razdolye-2013, Russia

We got fantastic news today, Bamie (Princess Pride Alabama) at the age of 10 months
won junior class went Best Junior in Breed, BOB and res.BEST OF GROUP at nat. all breed show in Russia.
Huge congratulations to Lyuba & Bamie! We are very proud!
We updated Bamie's album with some recent photos as well:

1   2   3

15th of June, 2013

After being arrived home from our long trip with lots of nice memories and pictures
where we had opportunity to met so great friends and their doggies as well
we found time to update with recent pictures album of
Alex (Tattersett Master Minded)
Kansas (Princess Pride Arkansas)
Tony (Princess Pride Washington)
Rusty (Quick Love Of Slow Fox)
Matty (Princess Pride Massachusetts)
Joey (Princess Pride Birmingham)
Skye (Princess Pride Touching The Skye)


5th of June, 2013

Our sweet Joseph (Ch.MultiJCh. JBIS Set'r Ridge's On Broadway) is 3 years old today!
He had a fantastic show career already however he wasn't showed very often.
He is a fantastic hunting dog who passed his hunting exam at the age of 6,5 months.
He is proud father of 16 gorgeous puppies, some of them already started their own career with great success.
And the most important is he is so sweet dog who loves us without limitation.


25th of May, 2013

We would like to share some lovely pictures of English setters bred by us received from their families recently.
We are so thankful to those great people who gave so fantastic home for our puppies.
Princess Pride Birmingham Joey
Princess Pride Montrose Roua
Princess Pride Oxford Clyde
Princess Pride Lancaster



22nd of May, 2013

We updated with wonderful photos gallery of our beloved Italian rescue English setter girl, Africa.
She arrived into our home into our heart last April via Italian Setter Rescue.
It is so great to see her nice developments she became a real Princess of our home.
She is a real charachter so sweet and funny girl.


18th of May, 2013 - WORLD DOG SHOW 2013, BUDAPEST, HUNGARY

*** We are the proud breeder of the "Best Junior English Setter in the World" in 2013 ***

PRINCESS PRIDE TEXAS (son of Joseph and Marli) became JUNIOR WORLD WINNER today
by winning a strong Junior Dog class and then he went BEST JUNIOR IN BREED as well
at the age of 9 months and 3 days old!
We are so proud of him and so thankful to his wonderful family, Mariana and Daniel Murarescu, Kennel Hunting Trophy and to his great handler, Botond Ambrus to make it happen!

Our further results from today:
Vivorka (Princess Pride Limited Edition Sir V.) RCAC 2nd place Intermed.Dog class
Alex (HJCh. Tattersett Master Minded) RCAC 2nd place Open Dog class
Bridge (Princess Pride Cambridge) Excellent 4th place in Junior Bitch class
Skye (NLJCh. Princess Pride Limited Edition Touching The Sky) Excellent 4th place in Intermediate Bitch Class
Hibernica (Ch. Tattersett Hibernica) Excellent in Champion Bitch class

We are sooo happy, thank you so much TEAM TEXAS for the great job to keep the flag flying!!!



What a fantastic show weekend also for Texas!!!
Princess Pride Texas was awarded res.PUPPY BIS on Sunday and he was placed as 3rd in PUPPY BIS on Saturday!
Texas with her little owner, Maria was placed 1st in Junior Handling on Saturday, next day they were placed second.
Huge congratulations to his owners Mariana and Daniel Murarescu, Kennel Hunting Trophy
and his handler, Botond Ambrus. We are very proud of this gorgeous boy!




We had a fantastic day with fantastic wins today at the MSKAO Club Show
where were 144 dogs (setters and pointers) were entered!
It was so exceedingly organized event, on a fantastic place in the beautiful park
at Castle of Slavkov - Austerlitz, the organizeres did so great job!

Dream (Princess Pride Arizona) got BPIB and went PUPPY BIS at her very first show!
Her father, Joseph (Ch.MultiJCh JBIS Set'r Ridge's On Broadway)
won champion class, got CAC and went Best Dog, Club Winner Male.
Our Hibernica (Ch. Tattersett Hibernica) won champ. class got CAC.
Our Jovi won junior class, got CAJC, became Junior Club Winner, Best Junior in Breed,
BOB and BEST IN SHOW at the age of 14 months!
Dream and her father, Joseph won 3rd place in couple competition at main ring!

For show pictures please click on the picture above to see all of them.


29th of April, 2013

We recieved a wonderful picture today from Julie who is proud owner of Princess Pride Lancaster.


27th an 28th of April, 2013 - International Dog Shows Timisoara, Romania

What a great news from Int.Dog Show Weekend from Timisoara, Romania.
Princess Pride Texas went both day BPIB and was awarded 3rd place in puppy BEST IN SHOW on Sunday!
We are very proud of him, and so thankful to his owners, Daniel and Mariana for make it happen!



27th of April, 2013

Today Princess Pride Arizona aka Dream passed AV (basic exam for HSP/HWP incl. water and field work).
Her strongest point is definitely retrieving from deep water...

1   2


25th of April, 2013


22nd of April, 2013

We added some new pictures to gallery of Vivorka (Princess Pride Limited Edition Sir V.)
taken today during our little water training.


15th of April, 2013

Joseph - Marli kids are already 8 months old today!
We wish all of them a wonderful day and happy, healthy long life with their families.
We have new pictures of Princess Pride Massachusetts taken on this special day.



14th of April, 2013

Spring arrived irrevocably and all of us enjoyed the warm sunshine, lots of green and trees in bloom everywhere.
Our boys, Vivorka, Tony Boy and Jovi had lots of fun on sunny fields during our Sunday afternoon walk,
all of them run so free and happy it was a joy to see them like this.


* * * We will attend dog shows in the future
where honorable breed specialists are invited to judge English setters
* * *

We decided today on 14th of April to enter our doggies only to those shows
where honorable breed specialists are invited to judge English setters.
We are not interested in collecting valueless titles on shows anymore especially in our region
where usually 1 or 2 English setters are entered (not only in the class but in the whole show!!!)
and we are not interested to get critique from a judge who is not a breed specialist and hasn't any glue on English setters or even on pointing breeds. We faced so many corruptions at the shows in our region,
we rather are interested in valueable critique of real and honest breed specialists.


13th and 14th of April, 2013 - International Dog Shows Satu Mare, Romania

What a great news from Int.Dog Show Weekend from Satu Mare, Romania.
Princess Pride Texas went both day BPIB. Big thanks to his owners, Daniel and Mariana for the great job!



8th of April, 2013

Let's us introduce our waterdog: Princess Pride Arizona "Dream"
On this sunny and warm spring day Dream met the lake and the stream at very first time in her life.
And she enjoyed every single moments being in the water, it was hard to call her out of it.
Some nice memories of this very special day you can find by clicking on the photo below.



7th of April, 2013

What a great news from today!
Princess Pride Oxford "Clyde" got qualified for Crufts 2014 at English Setter Society Of Wales.
We are very proud of Clyde, thank you Sally and Martin!



4th of April, 2013

Our sweet Alex (Tattersett Master Minded) is 2 years old today. We are so thankful to his breeders, Fran and Tony Grimsdell to let this gorgeous boy coming into our home.


2nd of April, 2013

with Tony Boy, Vivorka, Masch and Alex...



1st of April, 2013

Time is flying by so fast... It is already 1 year ago when Africa arrived into our home into our heart. And we decided to celebrate her birthday on her day of arrival, on 1st of April.


31th of March, 2013

JCh Set'r Ridge's English Style is 2 years old today. Time is flying by so fast, she is grown up
and turned into a beautiful setter lady. She is so cheerful, playful and very very birdy.



26th of March, 2013

Please have a look at Our Setters and Progeny's pages
where doggies' albums were updated with many recent photos.



PRINCESS PRIDE ALABAMA: CW, BOB PUPPY judge: Hana Ahrens (Austria)
What a wonderful news we got today. We are so proud of Bamie! Thank you so much, Lyuba!



winner of puppy dog class, BPIB
  winner of intermediate bitch class, CAC
winner of junior dog class, best junior in breed, BOB and res. BEST OF GROUP at the age of 1 year and 1 month!



18th of March, 2013

What fabulous photos revealing sweet memories I found recently browsing my files.
They were taken by Csanád Kiss at his VauVau Professional Dog Photo Sudio in October, 2010.


16th of March, 2013

Texas went res. PUPPY BEST IN SHOW at CNCA club show of all pointing breeds in Romania today.
We all are very proud of his fantistic show debut, thank you so much Mariana!


9th of March, 2013 - CRUFTS 2013

This year I travelled with our Vivorka to Birmingham to take part in Crufts 2013. I'm so proud of my little boy who is always full with ethusiasm and was shortlisted at the age of 19 months in the big yearling class (18 entries) under honorable judge Frank Kane (GB).
Vivorka enjoyed every single moment of the show, he loved to meet people and doggies and became big fan for shopping. He decided for a duck which he hold in his mouth proudly whilst walking through the crowded halls. He spent very few minuts in his bench as he found it very boring, but he enjoyed being with me almost all time and he wasn't tired at all, but I was already at the end of the day.
For show pictures please click on the below photo.



28rd of February, 2013

Time is flying by so fast and believe or not our little Jovi is already 1 year old! He is a very special boy with lots of temperament, instincts and so sweet, faboulous charachter.


23rd of February, 2013

Hibernica's gallery is updated
with few lovely photos taken today when she found a bone in the
garden in the heavy rain. She was so funny to keep it in her mouth for so long.



14th - 17th of February, 2013 - FEHOVA WINTER DOG SHOW - HUNGARY

We took part with Kansas (Princess Pride Arkansas) and his family at 4 days long FEHOVA Winter Dog Show
in Budapest, Hungary where we entered for one show also Jovi and Alex.
Of course Africa traveled with us and gave a great companion on the second day of the show event.
We are very proud of all them especially Kansas who went res. PUPPY BEST IN SHOW at champion show
handled by Vivien Póth in the main ring. Well done our young boy who was just 6 months old at the show
which is the youngest age to enter him into puppy class. We are very proud of him! On the last day we got a
nice surprise as Apache (Princess Pride Michigan) and Laszló also visited us at the show ground.
Princess Pride Arkansas 1 x best baby in breed, 4 x BPIB (best puppy in breed), res. PUPPY BEST IN SHOW at champion show
Jovi (Latin Lover Keep the Faith) 1 x excellent2 junior dog class at int.all breed show (first place and best junior in breed title went to Blue Baltics Lawrence of Arabia co-owned by Elisabeth Preissl - congratulations to them)
Alex (Tattersett Master Minded) 2. place at champion of champions show champion dog class
For show pictures please click on the below photo.


9th of February, 2013

We were so lucky to have the oportunity to take part in a hunting day with our doggies. This time Joseph and Orkán came with us to help the hunters' work. We had a beautiful great day with lots of sweet memories.



27th of January, 2013

We are very proud of Bamie and her owner, Lyuba to get Bamie's first BPIB title at National Dog Show in Russia. Congratulaions, well done!

Bamie1   Bamie2   Bamie3


27th of January, 2013

Pups had lots of fun walking on the snowy fields today... please click on the photo below...


19th of January, 2013

We were invited to take part in a hunting today. Our partners were Vivorka, Jovi and Orkán this time. All of them did a fantastic job we are so proud of their performance at this very snowy day. Some hunting pictures from today are available by clicking at the below photo.


14th of January, 2013

Ch Tattersett Hibernica celebrated her 4th birthday today! She was pictured today morning enjoying the snowfall. She is a real charachter very playful and cheerful girl.



12th of January, 2013

We updated our album Working / hunting with the below hunting and training photos .


11th of January, 2013

We had a lovely christmas time and collected some photos taken then in the album below. Just click on the below picture to enjoy them .


22nd of December, 2012


Christmas - 2013