*** British Type English Setter Puppies at Princess Pride Kennel ***

Arrival of a special litter is expected at the end of Jauary, 2015. The puppies stem from
75% PURE British Tattersett lines (due to Tattersett Hibernica and Tattersett Master Minded)
and 25% PURE American lines (due to Set'r Ridge's On Broadway).

We only work with trustable, fully health controlled lines. Ancestors' health results are easily traceable at websites of the American Orthopedic Foundation For Animals (OFA) and The British Kennel Club


Tattersett Master Minded

Princess Pride Cambridge NG

by ShCh Tattersett Doctor Woody JW
ShCh Tattersett Air Of Elegance

more pictures avalable here
more pictures avalable here
Blue-Belton English Setter Male
Date of birth: 04.04.2011
Blue-Belton English Sette Female
Date of birth: 26.07.2012
HD scores: free/FCI A/excellent, BVA HD 3:6
BAER test:
 hearing normal both side

HD scores: BVA HD 2:5
BAER test: hearing normal both side

Puppies' pedigree:

Tattersett Master Minded
BVA 3:6, BAER normal

SH CH Tattersett Doctor Woody (JW)
BVA HD 3:3, BAER normal

 SH CH  Wansleydale Witch Doctor (JW) 
BVA HD 8:6

SH CH Tattersett Double Desire (JW)
BVA HD 5:4, BAER normal

SH CH Caleydene Endeavor for Elmwood 
BVA HD 5:5

SH CH Tattersett Top Dream 
BVA HD 4:8, BAER normal
SH CH Tattersett Air of Elegance 
BVA HD 1:0, BAER normal
Tattersett Against All Odds
BVA HD 3:2, BAER normal
 Tattersett Classy Lady 
BVA HD 4:6

Princess Pride Cambridge NG
BVA 2:5, BAER normal

Ch. Multi JCh.
Set'r Ridge's
On Broadway "Joseph
BVA HD 7:4, ED: free,
BAER normal

Ch. Set'r Ridge's Royal Heir
OFA Good/Elbows/Thyroid/BAER

Set'r Ridge's Enlightened
OFA Good/Elbows/BAER
Ch. Set'r Ridge's Anticipation
OFA Good/Elbows/Thyroid/BAER
Ch. Set'r Ridge White Light
OFA Good/Elbows/BAER
Ch. Tattersett Hibernica
BVA HD 7:3, BAER normal
Tattersett Final Edition
BVA HD 6:5, BAER normal
Bournehouse Lord of Love
BVA HD 5:7
 Sh.Ch. Tattersett Fable
BVA HD 2:4, BAER normal
Sh.Ch. Tattersett Colours
BVA HD 5:0, BAER normal
Tattersett Against All Odds
BVA HD 3:2, BAER normal