He has wonderful character and lots of show perspectives. He is out of pure American lines.
With FCI pedigree, BAER test.
dob: 1st of November, 2016
mother: Ch JCh Princess Pride Alabama (BAER, HDA, ED0)
father: Ch JCh Solar Blues Bentley Dancing Wind (BAER, HDA, ED0)






3rd of December, 2016 - Nitra CACIB

Huge congratulation goes also to Fidi (Ch Princess Pride It's My Life) and his owner, Alan for winning champion class with CAC, CACIB & BOB on this day!

Our 14 months old Gracie (JBIS HJCH Princess Pride Comes From The Heart) handled to perfection by Kata Baranyai won junior class then Junior Group at Nitra IDS and also finished Slovakian Junior Champion!

Gracie's and Fidi's daddy, Jovi is also back to the show ring and he won open class with CAC and went rCACIB.
Gracie and Jovi were entered only for this day.

pictures by

pictures by Roland Füri

5th of November, 2016 - Bratislava CACIB

Our 13 months old Gracie (HJCH Princess Pride Comes From The Heart) did it again! She won junior class with CAJC and went BOS at Bratislava IDS on 5th of November, 2016. Unfortunately we were not able to wait for the bis program. She was entered only in this single show during the weekend. Our breed judge was Mr. Arne Foss from Norway. Thank you so much János Turzó  for handling our precious girl so perfectly.

Huge congratulation goes also to Fidi (Ch Princess Pride It's My Life) and his owner, Alan for winning champion class with CAC and CACIB on this day!


23rd of October, 2016 - Dunaújváros CAC

Princess Pride Loving Heart aka Benny, Fidi's halfbrother and Marli's son won junior class and best junior in breed and won JUNIOR GROUP!
Icing on the cake today Fidi (Ch Princess Pride It's My Life) won champion class, went BEST OF BREED and then BEST OF GROUP !
Marli (Int.Sh.Ch MultiCh Set'r Ridge's Young At Heart) first time in veteran class she won her class and went BOS!
Huge congratulations to all involved!


7th of October, 2016 - IDS Komarom, Hungary

Our small team took part only in the first show of Komárom CACIB show weekend, our breed judge was Mr. Borge Espeland (Norway). Here are our results:
Fidi (HCH, ROCH, CRCH Princess Pride It's My Life): champion male class exc1, CAC, CACIB and BOB.
Keats (Princess Pride Do It Like This): open male class exc1, CAC, RCACIB
- it was his very first show!
Princess Pride Comes From The Heart: junior female class exc1, HPJ, Best Junior, BOS and fulfilled criteria of Hungarian Junior Champion title.
Boti, my sister's 6 years old little son with Keats were awarded 1st pace at kid&dog couple competition.
Photos were taken by Horváth Balázs and Anikó Késmárki.
Thank you so much to Anikó, Alan, Betti, Boti, Kata, Jani and Szilvester for this wonderful day.



25th of September, 2016 - working with English setter

Wonderful news and pictures we received from Sweden and Norway.
Cassia (Princess Pride I Only Have Eyes For You) with her family ocassionaly took part in bloodtracking training
and she shows super performance!
Quinny (Princess Pride Queen Of My Heart) being less then 1 year old and she is a talanted hunter already. She took part with her family in hunting days in Norway regularly.
We are extremly proud of their performance, huge congratulations go to their family!



23rd of September, 2016 - NDS Germany

Zoe (Princess Pride Listen To Your Heart) was showed in Germany at National All Breed Show today
where she won junior class, got candidature (Anwartschaft) for Junior Champion and BEST OF BREED!
Huge congratulations! Well done sweet girl!!! 



16th - 17th - 18th of September, 2016 - NDS Sweden, IDS Hungary, Slovenia

4 shows in three different countries during the weekend and Princess Pride English setters rocked the rings by collecting new titles: 1 GROUP WINNER, 3 BEST OF BREED winners and 2 BOS winners and more.

Here are our main results:
Kerstin's and Mats' Cassia (Princess Pride I Only Have Eyes For You) went BOB and BIG1 in Sweden.
Anikó's and Imre's Byron (Princess Pride Let's Get It Started) won CAC, CACIB, BOB
at IDS Kecskemét, Hungary first day.
Alan's Fidi (Princess Pride It's My Life) won CAC, CACIB BOB
at IDS Kecskemét, Hungary 2nd day.
Marta's Nela (Princess Pride Follow Your Heart) won HPJ, Best Junior and BOS
both days in IDS Kecskemét.
Éva's Charlie (Princess Pride Let Me Be The One) won intermediate class with CAC
at very first show in his life being handled by her owner at IDS Kecsekmét.
Virág's Bodza (Princess Pride Meet Me Halfway) won CAC, RCACIB
at IDS Lendava, Slovenia.

Huge congratulations go to Princess Pride English setters' owners, friends and all involved!
Thank you so much for keeping the flag flying!


13th of September, 2016 - PRArcd4 results

The following PRArcd4 results arrived today:
Marli (CIE, MultiCH Set'r Ridge's Young At Heart): PRArcd4 CLEAR
Hibernica (CH Tattersett Hibernica): PRArcd4 CLEAR
Alex (JCH Tattersett Master Minded): PRArcd4 CLEAR

That means
Bridge - Alex litter (Cassia, Bimba, Charlie, Sullivan, Lipton  Arturo and Amy)
Marli - Jovi litter (Nela, Quinny, Zoe, Pollyka, Benny and Gracie)
are also PRArcd4 CLEAR!


4th of September, 2016 - IDS Poland

Nela (Princess Pride Follow Your Heart)
being showed in junior class at Wasilkow International Show was awarded
exc1, Best Junior
and BOS!
Huge congratulations Nela and Marta!
photo by:

Nela, Zoe and Gracie are littersiters (Marli x Jovi) being 11 months old and they all have already wonderful achievements in junior class!

3rd of September, 2016 - Pfostenschau, Germany

Zoe (Princess Pride Listen To Your Heart)
was showed very first time in her life and right in junior class at special show in Germany where
she won junior class with exc.1.

Huge congratulation goes to her and her family!

Picture of Zoe is taken by her family in July, 2016





3rd and 4th of September, 2016 - Dracula Dog Show Weekend, Romania

Huge congratulation goes to Alan and Fidi (HCH Princess Pride It's My Life)
for their amazing results at Dracula show weekend of 6 shows (2 x IDS and 4 x NDS)!
In a strong competition Fidi being handled by Dominica (Schlosser Team) took
6 x CAC, 2 x CACIB and 5 x BOB and
he became Romanian Champion and got qualified for Crufts!!! 



28th of August, 2016 - Velence lake double NDS, Hungary

Our 11 months old Gracie (Princess Pride Comes From The Heart)
made a wonderful debut in junior class in Hungary today
taking part in both shows where she was awarded
2 x exc1, 2 x HPJ, 2 x Best Junior, BOS and then BEST OF BREED! 
Gracie is daughter of Marli & Jovi.
We are so thankful for this beautiful photo of Gracie taken by in the junior BIS ring!



20th & 21st of August, 2016 - show weekend with Princess Pride Setters in UK, Sweden and Serbia

JWW'13, CIE, HCH, RoCH, RuCH, RoJCH JBIS, BIS Princess Pride Texas
took part in IDS Smederevo (20.08.2016) & NDS Golubac (21.08.2016) where
he won 2 x CAC, CACIB, 2 x BOB and become Serbian Champion!

Cassia (Princess Pride I Only Have Eyes For You) won intermediate class
at Norrköpings International Dog Show on 21.08.2016!

Baboca (Princess Pride Born To Be My Baby) took part
at Welsh Kennel Club on 21.08.2016,
4 months after she gave birth to a litter of 6 gorgeous puppies.


Huge congratulations on your wins, and thank you so much for the fantastic care and love you gave your English setter. Here are pictures of Cassia and Baboca taken at the show grounds.


13th of August, 2016 - IDS Russia

Princess Pride Washington "Tony"
was presented at very first time in Russia today, taking part in International Dog show Ural dawns 2016
and won CAC , CACIB , BOB , BIG -1 !!!
Huge congratulations!!! What a wonderful achievement!


12th of August, 2016 - Heath results

HD scores:
We received the following great news related to HD scores of English setters born in our kennel:
Baboca (Princess Pride Born To Be My Baby): BVA HD 3:3
Apache (Princess Pride Michigan): BVA HD 3:3
Byron (Princess Pride Let's Get It Started): HD A and ED A

 I would like to let you know we started to DNA test our setters for PRA rcd4.
Please find some of the results here, the others are ongoing and will be published too:
Style (Set'r Ridge's English Style): PRArcd4 CLEAR
Bridge (Princess Pride Cambridge NG): PRArcd4 CLEAR
Jovi (Latin Lover Keep The Faith): PRArcd4 CLEAR

That means also all of the puppies out of Style and Jovi and also out of Bridge and Jovi are CLEAR:
Masha (Princess Pride One Wild Night): PRArcd4 CLEAR
Baboca (Princess Pride Born To Be My Baby): PRArcd4 CLEAR
Rosie (Princess Pride Bed Of Roses): PRArcd4 CLEAR
Fidi (Princess Pride It's My Life): PRArcd4 CLEAR
Ringo (Princess Pride Diamond Ring): PRArcd4 CLEAR
Blaze (Princess Pride Blaze of Glory): PRArcd4 CLEAR
Lyuba (Princess Pride love Won't Wait): PRArcd4 CLEAR
Bodza (Princess Pride Meet Me Halfway): PRArcd4 CLEAR
Fülöp (Princess Pride Way U Make Me Feel): PRArcd4 CLEAR
Sundance (Princess Pride I Gotta Feeling): PRArcd4 CLEAR
Byron (Princess Pride Let's Get It Started): PRArcd4 CLEAR
Keats (Princess Pride Do It Like This): PRArcd4 CLEAR
Josh (Princess Pride Light Up The Night): PRArcd4 CLEAR


7th of August, 2016 - Club Show Slovakia

Today Gracie (Princess Pride Comes From The Heart) and her daddy Jovi took part in the club show of Slovakian Pointer and Setter Club.
The organiser did a fanastic job, beautiful location, lovely meal! And we even went home with so many trophies!
Our judge was Ing. Miroslav Stanovsky (SK).
Gracie: CAJC, Junior Club Winner, Junior BOB and JUNIOR BEST IN SHOW
Jovi: CAC, Club Winner, BOB and RES. BEST IN SHOW!
Gracie and Jovi also won BEST COUPLE of the show!
We are over the moon!


28th - 31st of July, 2016 - Split, Croatia

Family of Fidi (HCH Princess Pride It's My Life) decided to spend a holiday in Croatia
and in the meantime take part in Split 4 summer night shows!
Fidi was professionally groomed by Schlosser Studio and was beautidully handled by Szilveszter.
He won 4 x CAC, CACIB and BOS under 4 different judges and he fulfilled criteria for Croatian Show Champion!
Huge congratulations!



23rd and 24th of July, 2016 - Show weekend in Hungary and Romania

With our special team of 3 English setters we traveled this weekend to East direction to take part in
2 IDS, 1 NDS and one club show. Here are our results:

JWW, CIE, Ch, JCH, JBIS, BIS Princess Pride Texas "Texas" being entered into 3 shows in champion class won
3 x Exc.1, 3 x CAC, 2 x CACIB, 3 x BOB, 1 x BIG2 and
he finished Hungarian Champion!

Princess Pride Oxford NG "Clyde"
being entered into all 4 shows in open class and was awarded
4 x Exc.1, 4 x CAC, 2 x RCACIB, Clubwinner, BOB and
he also finished Hungarian Champion and Romanian Champion!

HJCH Princess Pride Meet Me Halfway "Bodza" being entered into 3 shows in intermdiate class won
3 x exc.1, 2 x CAC , CACIB, 2 x BOS



10th of July, 2016 - Broomfield Village Fete, UK

Huge congratulations to Joey (Princess Pride Birmingham) and his family for winning BIS!
We all are so proud of him!



9th of July, 2016 - IDS Warsaw

Big congratulation goes to Marta and Nela (Princess Pride Follow Your Heart)
who won best junior female title and Crufts qualification
at Warsaw International Show today!
Nela is just a bit older than 9 months old and it was her show debut in junior class!



3rd of July, 2016 - NDS Hungary

Clyde (Princess Pride Oxford NG) being entered into open class won
CAC and then was awarded BEST OF BREED
at national all breed show, in Herend, today.
The organizer did a fantastic job, we spent a wondeful day on this beautiful location.



25th of June, 2016 - World Dog Show Moscow

Please find below few lovely pictures of
JWW, CIE, Ch, JCH, JBIS, BIS Princess Pride Texas "Texas"
who represented our kennel at the FCI World Dog Show in Russia, Moscow being entered into champion class.
Texas is owned by Mariana and Daniel. and he was professionally handled by our friend, Lyuba at WDS.
Thank you so much for this great job, for your committment, for keeping the flag flying!



25th of June, 2016 - NDS Norway

Quinny (Princess Pride Queen Of My Heart) at her very first show today won
Best in breed, Best in Group!
Huge congratulations!!! What a perfect start of a show career!



29th of May, 2016 - Hunting Exam

Jovi did it! He passed hunting exam by National Hungarian Chamber of Hunter today.
He joint the team of Joseph, Hibernica, Dream, Kansas and Vivorka who already have this licence.



22nd of May, 2016 - Setter Derby Austria

What a wonderful day we spent in Schloss Kottingbrunn near Baden/Wien with Anikó, Imre, Byron, Clyde and Vivorka taking part in the Setter Derby organized by Austria Setter Club. Beautiful location, old trees, lots of water and a very old little castle... and of course the typical meal: wiener schnitzel...
And our results (judge - Mrs. Christine Lomas, GB):
Byron (Princess Pride Let's Get It Started) won intermediate class,
Clyde (Princess Pride Oxford NG)
won open class and went club winner,
Vivorka (Princess Pride Limited Edition Sir V.) was 3rd in open class.
Thank you so much Anikó for the wonderful pictures, and Ákos for handling our Clyde!



13th & 14th &15th of May, 2016 - 3 x IDS Szilvásvárad, Hungary

Congratulations to all Princess Pride English Setters owners and their doggies for their great achievements at Szilvásvárad International Dog Show during the long weekend.

We have two new Hungarian Champions:

Fidi (Princess Pride It's My Life) and Skye (Princess Pride Limited Edition Touching The Sky)!
And here are our full results:
Byron (Princess Pride Let's Get It Started) intermed.class 2 x CAC, r.CACIB, 
Fidi (Princess Pride It's My Life) open class 3 x CAC, r.CACIB, CACIB and BOB, 
Apache (Princess Pride Michigan) open class 1 x rCAC
Gracie (Princess Pride Comes From The Heart) puppy class 1 x very promising 1, Best Puppy in Breed
Skye (Princess Pride Limites Edition Touching The Sky) open class 3 x CAC, r.CACIB. CACIB, BOS.

Byron took part in two shows, Gracie, Apache in one show, Fidi and Skye in all three shows. On the second day Vivorka (Princess Pride Limited Edition Sir V.) also came with me as guest to meet his littersister, Skye.
Please find here some of my favourite pictures from the weekend.
Thank you so much Anikó for the lovey pictures!.




24th of April, 2016 - NDS Russia

Today on the National Show "Voronezhskie Prostory" in Voronezh, Russia 
exc1, CAC, BOB, BIG -1, BEST IN SHOW - 3!
Thank you so much Lyuba for handling Texas and for loving him so much!


IDS Pécs on 12th of March, 2016

Big congratulations go to Bodza and Apache and their fantastic owner for their great achievements
at Pécs International Dog Shows:
Bodza (Princess Pride Meet Me Halfway) - intermediate class: exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
Apache (Princess Pride Michigan) - open class: exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOS



FEHOVA Winter Dog Show, Budapest on 19th and 20th of February, 2016

Jovi with his two sons took part in FEHOVA Winter Dog Show on Saturday, he was showed also on Friday.
Please find below the results:

19/02/2016 IDS
Jovi (Latin Lover Keep The Faith) - open class: exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

20/02/2016 IDS
Benny (Princess Pride Loving Heart) - baby classm very promising 1
Fidi (Princess Pride It's My Life) - open class: exc.2, res.CAC, res.CACIB
Jovi (Latin Lover Keep The Faith) - open class: exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and he finished Hungarian Champion!

It was so wonderful to be present at Benny's show debut and it was a fantastic day together.
Thank you so much Kriszta and Alan for your commitment. You made my day.


1st of January, 2016

We wish
to all of our friends all around the world.